Centurion Running

Piece of String Fun Run

1 Nov 2019

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Will there be a half piece of string race?

Yes. Though instead of cutting the length of the race in half we will cut the width in half.

Will you provide sacks to put over our heads in the event that we get bundled into a van and driven into the middle of nowhere?

Probably. We are currently working hard to find an ethical provider of biodegradable and sustainable sacks. Failing that we'll just knock you out with the mallet.

What pace should I start out at?

Any pace you like, it will be wrong anyway

Are you going to give us a ball park distance at least?

Well the clue is in the entry fee. We don’t want you to feel short changed if it’s only 10k. Nor do we want you to get upset with us if you need to take the next week off work.

What is the course?


Will you make it up as you go along?

Yes. No. The race distance will definitely be known to the two race directors before the race starts. No one else will know, no marshalls, no family members and not even Rupert Murdoch. At the start of the race there will be 5 possible race configurations in envelopes. A lucky runner (maybe the first to sign up) will pick one of these envelopes and that will be the race.

Will there be cut-offs?

Yes there will but like the race we won’t know what they are until the day arrives. We don’t expect people to run the trails like Ian Sharman but neither do we want people ambling around at 2mph. You will be informed along the way how “close” you are to cut-offs. Officially: you must leave any check point within 4 hours of the leader.

How often will there be aid stations?

These will be fairly regularly, approx every 10k to 100 miles.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, but the volunteers are in the dark just as the runners are. In fact we forgot to tell the volunteers in the 2013 edition that the race had ended. We only remembered when we saw them on the news three weeks later. 

Will there be drop bags/food etc?

Yes. You can bring one drop bag maximum 50 litres in size.

Am I allowed a crew/ pacers?

No. This will make things less miserable. 

Does this contravene some sort of human rights legislation or Geneva protocol?

Probably. If there are any issues with this year we’ll hold the next race at Guantanamo Bay.

Does this count towards my 100 marathon club entry?

If you have to ask this, you need not apply.

How do I get in touch? 

We really rather prefer that you didn't. But if you email us by clicking here we promise that someone in the future will read your email.